• CRCCRC - Cross Rollup Communication. The protocol and process that is outlined in the document.

  • CRCmsgCRC_{msg} - The bytes of data being communicated across rollups

  • User - An actor that wants to transfer data between rollups via a CRCmsgCRC_{msg}

  • Relayer - An actor that facilitates the data transfer between rollups

  • L1 - The Ethereum mainnet used by the rollups for security and data availability

  • RSourceR_{Source} - Source Rollup. The roll-up that the user wants to send CRCmsgCRC_{msg} from

  • RDestination R_{Destination} - Destination Rollup. The roll-up in which the user wants to receive the CRCmsgCRC_{msg}

  • CSourceRollupStateC_{Source RollupState} - L1 Contract used to roll up the state of RSourceR_{Source}

  • CDestRollupStateC_{Dest Rollup State} - L1 Contract used to roll up the state of RDestination R_{Destination}

  • CL1LightClientC_{L1 Light Client}- Contract inside a rollup (either RSourceR_{Source} or RDestination R_{Destination}) acting as a Light client for L1. Receives and Verifies the L1 state from the Relayer.

  • COutboxC_{Outbox} - Contract deployed on every RSourceR_{Source}storing the CRCmsgCRC_{msg}to be transferred from the Rollup

  • CInboxC_{Inbox}- Contract deployed on every RDestination R_{Destination} that receives CRCmsgCRC_{msg}and calls the recipient AppDestRollupApp_{Dest Rollup}

  • AppSourceRollupApp_{Source Rollup} - Contract inside RSourceR_{Source} providing some application-specific logic that relies on sending CRCmsgCRC_{msg}

  • AppDestRollupApp_{Dest Rollup}- Contract inside RDestination R_{Destination} providing some application-specific logic that relies on receiving CRCmsgCRC_{msg}

  • CRCInitCRC_{Init} - The initial transaction for calling COutboxC_{Outbox} on RSourceR_{Source}, executed by the user in order to initiate a message transfer

  • CRCStateRelayCRC_{State Relay} - The transaction that the Relayer executes calling the CL1LightClientC_{L1 Light Client} on RDestination R_{Destination} in order to update and verify the latest state of L1

  • CRCDeliveryCRC_{Delivery} - The transaction that uses the L1 and by proxy the RSourceR_{Source} state in order to prove and execute the application logic of the CRCmsgCRC_{msg}

  • CRCStateRelayAckCRC_{State Relay Ack} - The transaction executed by a Relayer in order to prove to

    COutboxC_{Outbox} that he relayed a state so that CRCmsgCRC_{msg} can be processed, thus being eligible for the fees locked by users for that service

  • CRCDeliveryAckCRC_{Delivery Ack} - The transaction executed by a Relayer in order to prove to COutboxC_{Outbox} that he delivered the CRCmsgCRC_{msg} to RDestination R_{Destination} which was based on a relayed state using CRCStateRelayAckCRC_{State Relay Ack} transaction

  • SNARKL1StateSNARK_{L1 State} - A SNARK verifying that the computation of a specific block header in L1 has been executed based on the Minimal Light Client Sync Protocol specification.

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